Our Family

       It's the best adventure when like minded travelers come together and become a family.  That's exactly what happened on this journey through Sicily and Calabria.  Although only myself and one other person were "outsiders" (not from California), everyone knew at least one other person in the group.  Thanks to Dave for putting this all together.  From the very beginning, it was evident that this was going to be a family that would explore, discover, laugh, and eat and drink our way through the days and nights.   Grazie, Angelo, our "pater familias," who led us on many adventures, kept us in line (well, sometimes, and even then not all), told us stories about his life and family (The General, Amanda, and Tessa), made us laugh (always), taught us to play Sicilian cards and so much more. The local guides were amazing as they pointed out the sights and shared the history and culture of their unique home. We also met a number of locals, some watched us from balconies, others danced with us, some were nobles, some farmers, but all shared their life stories with our inquisitive family.


Our local guide, Vera, told us about her favorite "granite" bar in Taormina.  A frozen treat of water, sugar, and flavoring. Mine was topped with whipped cream. Better than gelato?  Well, it's a toss up but it was certainly refreshing on a hot afternoon!

Thanks for the memories, friends...

Angelo, you know we all expected you to look tousled like this! 

Friends we made along the way...
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