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A Very Dodgy Lot

What makes a tour great? Location, of course, but also the tour members and the guide.  On this tour all three were wonderful!  A few of us started in Tasmania for a pre-trip and were joined by the remainder of the group in Melbourne.  Our guide, Mike, kept this "dodgy lot" organized and on schedule.  


My shout to you, Mike, next time we meet...

The Green Folder

We were introduced to the "Green Folder" on Day One and heard the words "who has the Green Folder" every day thereafter.  What was so special about it?  Mike filled it with news articles, brochures, maps, and pictures about what we would see at each stop.  It was kind of like a paper version of Wikitravel.  Yes, it was informative and yes, we did give him a hard time about it.  As you can see, we were never without it.  

As our parting gift, we even made our own "Green Folder" for Mike and filled it with thank you notes and postcards.  

Oh, WOW, look at what we'll see today!

Thanks, Mike, you were simply the best!  

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