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Let's Eat Some Tucker...

There are a number of Aussie favorites that we searched for and tried throughout the trip. From homemade Anzac biscuits to kangaroo burgers, wallaroo and croc, vegemite and eggs on toast and meat pies.  One of my best tasting meals was a warm cauliflower and cheese pie and my first Bundaberg Ginger Beer.  OH, YUM.

I had a Bundaberg's every chance I could get - I think we all did.  So refreshing!

Vegemite is an Aussie staple.  Full of vitamin B, kids eat vegemite sandwiches for lunch.  It is definitely an acquired taste.  There is a trick to eating Vegemite, otherwise...yuck.  Spread it very thinly on toast and add eggs at brekkie. Just ask Jean, she had it every morning.  Me?  Just once.



Kangaroo burgers, wallaroo or croc - lots of interesting meat choices.

Sticky date pudding and ice cream with a beer to wash it down. What could be better?

Tim Tams were the best cookie.  I wish I       brought more home with me because the two packages I had didn't last long! 



ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) bikkies (cookies to us) were sold at fundraising events in support of the war effort. A friend of our guide made us a batch and they were delicious.   

                                                                Home-Hosted Visit

As part of OAT's tours, we have the opportunity to share a home cooked meal with a local person or family.  Our hostess and her friend made a delicious meal and we had a wonderful talk about her life in Australia.  Just look at the food they prepared.  We had such a good visit, the bus driver had to come in and get us!

Our hostess, Tecla, seated on the far right and her friend, Silvy, seated in the far left chair.  


More tucker and a few coldies

The winner for the BEST dessert is...

Cradle Mountain's Double Chocolate mousse with tantalizing raspberry sorbet.  It was so rich, I had trouble eating it all.  Just kidding, although I had to eat it slowly because it was so rich.  Just look at the double chocolate inside.  

                        The Grand Prize goes to...

Mike and Bill for the best barbie of chook, snags,

(that's grilling chicken and sausage for you non-Aussies), and steak.

The "I'll Try Anything" prize goes to Jean who licked the abdomen of a green ant in the Daintree Rainforest.   


Just enough Aussie dollars left for a Big Mac at the airport.  Delivered fresh from the kitchen above...


Anzac biscuit recipe - one of many recipes online

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