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Our first stop en route to our hotel in Adelaide was the Cleland Wildlife Park.  From rainbow lorikeets, black swans, and pelicans to koalas, potoroos, and even a sleepy dingo, the wildlife park had it all.  

The South Australia Museum was a fascinating place to visit.  It had some of the best Aboriginal artifacts.  I needed more time to explore it all.  Next, I spent time wandering through the Central Market. Later, there was a drive through the countryside and a wine tasting tour, stopping at three different wineries.  Back to Adelaide, and a stroll along the beach. 

Cleland Wildlife Park

Central Market

Yes, we wandered through some beautifully decorated shopping malls in Melbourne, but nothing is better than wandering through a local market.  The one in Adelaide was no exception. Row after row of fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices. I took a picture  of my favorite breakfast food (Birchers muesli) and wonder now, "why didn't I buy any?"  Duh... Oh, and look, chocolate chip eggs!


Best to just browse around, sample fresh cheese, get some grapes, fresh bread, and turkey and have a wonderful lunch.

South Australia Museum

One of my favorites in Adelaide was the South Australia Museum.  There is never enough time to explore museums but I did get to wander through the Aboriginal Culture Gallery.  It was small, but the over 3000 objects were amazing.

The gallery included boomerangs, bark paintings, shields, examples of Aboriginal diet, early video, and photographs from all over Australia.  


One special exhibit was that of school doors taken from a tribal school.  The doors had become dirty and covered in graffiti. The elders decided to transfer their ancient ground painting Dreaming designs to the doors.  These doors were eventually donated to the museum.  (SA Museum video)

McLaren Vale and Glenelg are 2 of the top wine areas near Adelaide.  We thoroughly enjoyed the wine, olives, pesto....and then more wine

Cheers, everyone!


Mike is leading a serious discussion on the virtues of wine...hahaha!

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